Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Spring

...and that means it's time again for people to bring really strange things into the bike shop.

This poor bike was out for its first ride of the season when tragedy struck. Its owner had stored her gloves and arm warmers under the saddle in case she needed them on her ride. When the gloves and arm warmers fell out, one of the gloves got caught in the rear derailleur and cassette. This instantly stopped all motion in the drivetrain, probably causing her to backpedal in an attempt to free things up. The chain slack that resulted allowed the chain itself to be sucked into the rear wheel, thereby destroying not only the chain, but also the rear derailleur hanger and probably the derailleur as well. The wheel and even the frame are also damaged, and may not be salvageable.


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Gretchen said...

I was really going to remain anonymous, but now I'm out in the open about it. "Yikes" is right. Thanks for salvaging my bike, Crono-mechanic all-stars (and the glove as well!)

Gretchen Beverstein