Friday, March 20, 2009

Headset Shenanigans

I didn't think of taking a picture of this at the time, but an experience I had in the shop today was certainly blogworthy.

A fellow came in with some major stickiness in the Campagnolo "Hiddenset" headset on his Bianchi road bike, which he bought used. After removing the fork to take a look, I found that the top bearings were completely non functioning. Removing the parts from the headset cup, I discovered that there was a grand total of ZERO ball bearings inside. The bearing race was just sitting in the headset cup, as well as an unrelated fork crown race thrown in to take up enough space to fit the top bearing cover back on and make the bike look normal. This was an extremely dangerous condition. Installing the appropriate ball bearings and steerer tube compression ring, as well as removing the extraneous crown race got him back on the road. He will still need to get to a Bianchi dealer to have the headset replaced, as it has been subjected to some pitting.

Did you get your bike used? Have it checked out by a professional mechanic!

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