Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chain lube is good, but...

Don't overdo it.

If you apply a heavy coat of chain lube and do not wipe off the excess, your drivetrain will pick up lots of grit and grime. All this gunk will not only slow your bike down, but it will also accelerate the wear on parts like your chain and cassette.

The proper way to apply chain lube is to put a light coat on the chain, spin the crank a few times to work it in, and then wipe away any excess lube still on the surface of the chain. The main goal in lubing the chain is to get the lube into the moving parts and remove anything left on the outside. It's this extra lube on the outside of the chain that causes gunk to stick to it and build up.

The best way to get a drivetrain clean after it's been overlubed and gunked up is to have the parts removed and cleaned in the parts washer. The solvent can get into the small openings in your bike's drivetrain parts that cannot be reached by hand.

Our Complete Tune up includes a full drivetrain cleaning (chain, cassette, rear derailleur, front derailleur and chainrings) as part of the package.

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